Here it comes again,
The Holy month. Ramadhan Al Mubarak! 🌷 Alhamdulilah. Masih bernafas untuk ramadhan kali ni. Insha Allah mudahan tahun ni lebih baik dari tahun lepas 🙏 Selesai dah puasa pertama. I felt so thankful dpt puasa pertama.

Here it comes ,
The most powerful month where it's all about between us and God; between lust and evils inside us.

I've never thought of being bad; of being terrible. I've never wanted things to turn up this way. I've never said I was nice. I'm badass. I never wanted to be hated nor hating anyone. I was about to be more positive when the lightning strike.
most of the times I failed to control myself; my bitch attitudes. People think that I was innocent. I was too timid.
I know about a lot of things I shouldn't have known. But I don't know the basic things I should/need to know. It's still my biggest plot twist until now.

And here it comes,
a hope in Ramadhan for me to be a better human being. It's always been a HOPE


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