Semester break 4.0

Another semester break! Usually I keep messing my mind about part time work in a month. Serabut kan kepala fikir nak kerja mana

When I have some ideas to post, surely I lose it after several times. Benci betul tau! I guess I'm not a true blogger anymore 😌 blog ni nak masuk 9 by the end of this year. But all the posts? I delete kahkah. sebab bila baca balik tersangat lah takda manfaat nya. Ok not to say that my previous posts ada quality, semuanya tak bagi motivasi pun hahaha. Just that I started to think of posting my new life with somebody new. (Muhammad Firdaus bin uzail.) He is now somebody to me 😊

Sayang, you keep reminding me "jangan lupa makan!.." ya I ingat. Don't have to worry about it.

I guess I lost my idea already. Till the next post bye!


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