1y 3m

Hi actually nak say Happy 15monthsary 💏❤ to my one and only fav guy in my life! My everything, my bodyguard, my protector. He will be there when I need him. He is my firdaus.

I couldn't thank more for what he did. I'm grateful for having you! Always babe✨ I love you my guy! Endlessly. ❤

Imagine having a guy who do anything for ya like go for a walk during a damn hot weather just to get shoot ur nice photos at ur fav places. ✨ That is something shld be appreciated and imagine also he sanggup accompanied me for 3hours and half to jb and then he took another 4-5 hours back to shah alam after send me back. He was alone in the bus ok. Sampai pulak at early morning like 1am smtg. My heart just can't 💔 I'm worried but that was what he wanted. I'm really appreciated that biy, so much appreciate. 💞

Get you a guy that satisfied your craving. Semua tempat  I crave nak makan dia bawak. Dia sanggup beli bunga (the money supposed to buy his daily meal) just to pujuk me. Padahal I dah forgive him haha. He is too sweet isn't him? I love you firdaus ❤

What else? He do everything just to comfort me. Yes he did well. Where else can I get this type of man? No idea. At least I have one alrdy and I love him like idk how to unlove him ❤ That's smtg I don't even think to do so. You made me feel so special.

I love you sayang! The only words match my feelings everytime I'm with you. You own my heart. Happy 1y 3m sayang!


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